Barclays launches customer feedback platform

Barclays has launched an online platform which allows customers to provide direct feedback to the bank, including on the mortgage services it provides.


The platform, which is called “Your Bank”, will give customers the chance to voice their thoughts on all matters ranging from products offered – including mortgages – in-branch services and mobile and online banking.

The bank will also pose a question each day on a specific topic to try to engage with its customers, although customers can make their own suggestions as to how the bank can improve its services.

Customers will be able to see the progress of their comments on the platform.

Barclays managing director for intermediaries David Finlay says: “The platform will let us better listen to our customers and get a feel for how we are catering to their banking needs.

“The more our customers begin to present their thoughts to us via this new platform, the more we can ensure we provide what they want. The service gives an open portal through which they can do this.”

Finlay believes that Your Bank will lead to more innovation in product ranges as customers express their needs directly to the bank and other suggestions or complaints will help to fine-tune the level of in-branch service as well.

He says: “This is not simply a way for Barclays to appear to be doing something, this is a way for us to actually tailor ourselves to user needs and in doing so it is my belief that we are offering something that most large banks cannot – a bespoke service in direct communication with our customers.”

Chadney Bulgin mortgage partner Jonathan Clark says: “I think this is a brave and innovative move by Barclays as I’m not sure too many other banks are offering this kind of service.

”It is important for customers to have their views heard but my only concern would be that people are more inclined to use these kinds of services to vocalise complaints than anything positive but if it results in a better service, then it’s a brave move that will have paid off.”