​CHL Mortgages receives 18% fewer complaints in first half of 2013

Dormant specialist lender CHL Mortgages received 18 per cent fewer complaints in the first half of 2013 than it did in the same period a year earlier.

Figures released today show the buy-to-let lender received a total of 77 complaints in the year up until 30 June 2013, down from 95 in H1 2012.

Of the 77 complaints received in the first half of this year, 10 cases were sent for review by the Financial Ombudsman Service and nine decisions were returned in the lender’s favour.

CHL Mortgages managing director Bob Young says: “We are please not just with the low level of complaints we continue to receive but also by the very small number which have been upheld by FOS when they have been referred.

“We will continue to focus on keeping complaints to a bare minimum and to ensuring that those we do receive are handled sensitively and appropriately.”

FOS last week released data showing that Lloyds Banking Group was the business group that they received the most complaints about in the first six months of 2013. There were 129,293 complaints about Lloyds between January and June, compared to 27,745 in the same period last year – a massive 366 per cent increase.

Overall the total number of new complaints hit record levels, with the FOS receiving 327,035 complaints between January and June, up 141 per cent from 135,170 in the same period in 2012.

PPI complaints accounted for over eight out of ten of the total new complaints. A total of 266,228 new PPI complaints were referred to the FOS in the first half of the year, a rise of 211 per cent from 85,562 in the first half of 2012. Stripping out PPI complaints, the number of FOS complaints rose 23 per cent from 49,608 to 60,807.

Within the mortgages and home finance category, the top three firms for most new cases received by FOS were Bank of Scotland which had 927 complaints, Santander UK which received 774 and Northern Rock with 676.  

Within this category, the total percentage of cases returned with decisions in the consumer’s favour was 26 per cent.

CHL are not present in the official statistics as the released data only covers financial businesses where it received 30 new cases and resolved a minimum of 30 cases within the time-period.