Three brokers stand trial over alleged £4m mortgage fraud

Twelve people, including three mortgage brokers, are currently standing trial for alleged mortgage fraud totalling £4m.

Witnesses are currently giving evidence at the trial, according to the Bournemouth-based Daily Echo.

The defendants include a conveyancing clerk, three mortgage brokers, seven property buyers and the wife of a broker. They are accused of inflating property prices and applying for mortgages higher than the value of the properties concerned.

Some of the eight properties involved were later repossessed, the court heard.

Amanda Powis, 44, is facing 17 charges of fraud, while Lee Smith, 32, Paul Morgan, 36, Maxine Gribben, 38, and Peter King, 43, are facing one charge of fraud.

Alex Chiswell, 33, is facing 10 charges of fraud, Colin Zaczyk, 40, and Dermot O’Malley-Keyes, 60, are facing five charges each while Madeline O’Malley-Keyes, 59, is facing two charges. John Hudson, 51, and Robert Baird, 51, are facing two charges, respectively.