One in five iPhone users always overdrawn

iPhone owners are more likely to have a lesser paying job than other smartphone users with 20 per cent admitting their bank account is always overdrawn.

Debt management specialists Payplan say that 67 per cent of mobile traffic to their website comes from iPhones. Payplan cite a YouGov poll which finds that one in five iPhone users admit their bank account is always overdrawn while 50 per cent say they earn less than £20,000 a year.

A statement from Payplan says: “With the iPhone a must-have item, and queues often lining the streets upon a new launch – as we will see no doubt see again with the iPhone 5 – it’s clear to see that people aren’t just loyal to the iPhone, but they’re willing to splash the cash to get their hands on it – even if they have to borrow it first.”

iPhone users are also three times more likely to shop on their mobile then general smartphone users and spent five times more on gaming than Android users.

Among those polled, 18 per cent confessed to spending more than four hours a day on their iPhones .