MPs to grill Mark Hoban over Money Advice Service

Mark Hoban 480 Treasury

Treasury financial secretary Mark Hoban is to be grilled by MPs on Wednesday about the Money Advice Service as part of the Treasury sub-committee’s inquiry.

The Treasury sub-committee launched a wide-ranging inquiry into MAS on 2 May and in June MPs quizzed FSA chairman Lord Adair Turner, FCA chief executive designate Martin Wheatley, MAS chairman Gerard Lemos and chief executive Tony Hobman. founder Martin Lewis told the inquiry the MAS online tools were “crap” and he would be “embarrassed” to have them on his website.

Committee member and Labour MP George Mudie said MAS was “scrambling around” for a purpose while Tory MP Mark Garnier, another committee member, said it had “lost its direction”.

MAS has come under fire for its £19m marketing spend, its accountability and its chief executive’s pay. Hobman resigned in July.

Hoban will be joined by chief executive of Citizens Advice Gillian Guy at 2.15pm on Wednesday.