Mortgage Brain app tops 20,000 downloads

Mortgage Brain’s mobile application solution to promote brokers and mortgage products to consumers has been downloaded over 20,000 times since its launch.

According to figures released by Mortgage Brain, the app, UKmortgages, has been downloaded by 21,570 consumers and used 97,067 times since its launch in mid-April.

It also says that over 1,000 leads have been delivered to brokers with broker contact details being viewed over 11,500 times through the app’s find a broker capability.

A first of its kind in the mortgage industry, UKmortgages has been designed to support brokers by promoting them to consumers via next generation mobile devices and delivering free leads.

Mark Lofthouse, CEO of Mortgage Brain, comments, “We’re absolutely delighted with the continued success of our innovative mobile app. The rapid growth in consumer downloads along with the widespread broker participation clearly illustrates its value and the key role its playing in promoting brokers to consumers and generating new and on-going sales opportunities at no cost.

Available on the iPhone, iPad and Android devices, UKmortgages allows consumers to search the UK mortgage market for a mortgage, compare products and find a broker to help them with the application process.