Coventry Intermediaries launches new remortgage range

Coventry Intermediaries has launched a new range of fixed rate, tracker and offset remortgage products with rates starting from 3.1 per cent.

The new range contains products available from 65 per cent to 80 per cent and all the products in the range contain a free valuation up to £670 and access to the lender’s remortgage service.

The range contains a five-year fixed rate up to 65 per cent LTV at 3.55 per cent, with a £199 booking fee. The same product is available at a lower rate of 3.35 per cent if the borrower agrees to pay an additional £800 arrangement fee.

Coventry is also offering a two-year tracker up to 65 per cent LTV at base rate plus 2.60 per cent, for a booking fee of £199, as well as another two-year tracker at 2.97 per cent above base rate up to 80 per cent LTV, which has a £199 booking fee but no arrangement fee.

The new range also contains a number of offset products, including a 65 per cent LTV flexx for term product at 4.35 per cent, for a £199 booking fee. The same product is available at 4.1 per cent if the borrowers agrees to pay an £800 arrangement fee.

Godiva Mortgages managing director Colin Franklin says: “With a number of lenders recently increasing their SVR rates on existing mortgages, now is the time for intermediaries to make sure that their clients are getting the best mortgage deal possible. With this in mind, we have created a range of mortgages which offer a great choice of variable and fixed rates to include loans up to 80 per cent LTV.”