Castle Trust appoints Target as its loan servicer

Castle Trust has appointed Target Group to outsource the loan servicing of its mortgage product.

Target will provide services to support mortgage origination, all post completion loan servicing and portfolio management after Castle Trust launches on 1 October.

The service will be provided from Target’s modern loan and investment servicing operations centre in Newport, South Wales.

Castle Trust’s chief executive officer Sean Oldfield Sean Oldfield, says it is working with a number of service providers to ensure its products are functional, transparent and accessible.

He says: “Castle Trust needed a reputable, flexible and experienced loan servicing partner that could work with us from the early days of our business. Target’s track record as a loan and mortgage software specialist, plus its credible experience in loan servicing, provides Castle Trust with just that.”

Target’s chief executive officer James Snow says partnering with clients at their inception enables the firm to understand the DNA of the business.

He says: “By having our own loan software and process flexibility at the core of Target’s servicing business, it enables us to provide the most agile financial administration services for our clients.”