Mitchell Farrar defends claims firms

Not all claims management firms are rogue traders, Mitchell Farrar is arguing.

The firm, which owns Investor Compensation Claims, has hit out at reports on claims firms that suggest the industry as a whole is unscrupulous and that disreputable practices are widespread.

Jim Rowley, group managing director at Mitchell Farrar, says his firm is not like others and never charges up front fees.

He says: “As a reputable business, we are fiercely proud of our compliance record and have recruited a specific compliance director to ensure our transparency and strict code of conduct is adhered to.

“As media reports have outlined, some operators in this sector may not be as committed to customers – and indeed staff – as we are but it’s important that the sector as a whole is not targeted broadly and brought into disrepute across the board.”

Rowley adds that treating customers fairly is always at the forefront of the firm’s claims management business and that it is also mindful of operating within the regulatory frame work of the Ministry of Justice.

He says: “Claims management companies have helped to raise awareness of a major mis-selling scandal for millions of people and have helped bring the banks to justice.”