Former mortgage broker convicted of fraud

A man masquerading as a mortgage broker has been convicted of fraud after pocketing a £5,000 arrangement fee from a client.

The Birmingham Mail reports that Mohammed Aslam pleaded not guilty to fraud but was convicted at Birmingham Crown Court.

He was ordered to compensate his victim for the £5,000 and to pay £1,200 in costs, while he was also sentenced to 12 months in prison suspended for two years and 250 hours of unpaid work.

Aslam, who had worked as a mortgage broker in the past, convinced his victim that he was a broker while he was unemployed by using a fake business card from Brunel Mortgages and downloaded forms from the firm’s website.

He purported to arrange a mortgage for Zahid Malik for a property in Pakistan, and asked for the payee name on the cheque for a £5,000 arrangement fee to be left blank, before paying the cheque into his own account.

Aslam was told by the judge: “I consider you were very dishonest. At your trial you advanced a completely dishonest account that this £5,000 was an advance for property in Pakistan. That was a lie, and the jury knew it was a lie.”