Dragonfly suspends Martin Gilsenan

Dragonfly Property Finance has suspended its relationship manager Martin Gilsenan.


Jonathan Samuels, chief executive officer of Dragonfly Property Finance, says: “I can confirm that Martin Gilsenan has been suspended pending further investigation.”

Samuels told Mortgage Strategy that he could not comment further about the suspension but he says it is unrelated to rumours that Gilsenan is planning to join rival Omni Capital.

Omni Capital is headed by Colin Sanders, the former chief executive officer of Money Partners and CEO of GE Money Home Lending.

Gilsenan joined Dragonfly in September 2010 having previously worked at GE and as sales director at Money Partners.

A spokesman for Omni Capital, says: “I can confirm that Omni Capital is in the process of making a senior sales appointment, and that the person concerned is from within the bridging industry. Full details will be announced in due course.”