Phoebus Software goes carbon neutral

Software provider Phoebus Software has gone carbon neutral.

A recent greenhouse gas audit carried out by carbon management provider co2balance UK, found Phoebus created just 1.69 tonnes of CO2 per employee – just 45% of the national average of 3.0 tonnes.

Phoebus went carbon neutral by using an offset scheme to counteract the impact of their carbon footprint completely.

The scheme reduces CO2 emissions by building energy-efficient stoves for families living along the Mombasa coast in Kenya. The stoves are distributed to families to replace intensive open fires and reduce the amount of firewood needed for cooking by over 50%.

Paul Hunt, managing director of Phoebus Software, says: “The mortgage world might not pollute the environment on the same scale as traditional heavy industry but even we leave a carbon footprint. Everyone at Phoebus has gone a long way to reduce our carbon emissions wherever possible, and we are now cancelling out the negative effects of our carbon footprint entirely with this offset scheme.

’Quite apart from the CO2 benefits, the efficient stoves we are sponsoring mean local people will have to spend less time collecting firewood, because they burn less fuel we will help limit deforestation, and the stoves are built locally which creates jobs. This is a win, win situation and we’re very proud to be involved.”