Metro Bank has not ruled out broker deals

Metro Bank says it has not ruled out offering its mortgages through brokers.

Speaking at a banking conference in London today,  Anthony Thomson, co-founder and chairman of Metro Bank, says: “We wouldn’t rule out using them in the future.”

Thomson says the broker sector has been decimated because of a drop in wholesale funding.

When asked by Mortgage Strategy why it doesn’t currently offer its deals through brokers, Thomson told delegates: “We are a tiny bank. I think everybody should have the opportunity to use the channel they prefer. People can still choose to use a broker if they wish, it is the consumer’s choice.”

The bank opened its doors in July, offering a range of direct mortgages.

Last week the bank revamped its range offering two-year variable rates at 3.95% at 80% LTV and 2.95% at 60% LTV, two-year fixed rates at 4.5% at 80% LTV and 3.5% at 60% LTV and three-year fixes at 5% at 80% LTV and 4% at 60% LTV.

It also offers a five-year fix at 4.5% at 60% LTV and 5.5% at 80% LTV.