Connect Overseas launches sourcing system

International mortgage specialists Connect Overseas is launching an online mortgage sourcing system for mortgage brokers and property agents on Monday.

The internet based system offers real time information on 300 plus mortgage products in over 30 different countries.

The service adopts an easy four step approach, enabling the adviser to source, select, quote and apply for international mortgages on behalf of their clients, it is then down to Connect Overseas to package the application.

Geoffrey Simmonds, head of sales and business development at Connect Overseas, says: “We recognise mortgage advisers are primarily salesmen not packagers. Our proposition allows them to do what they do best, source the right product for their client, provide advice, maintain the relationship and collect the fee, the rest is down to us.”

“The key to our service is the support we provide our members as we recognise many of them will be entering into the international mortgage market for the first time.

“The system is deliberately detailed yet easy to use, so members can make effective product selections and pre approve their clients prior to making an application. We also have a team of in house mortgage specialists who are on hand to support members throughout each stage of the mortgage process.”