Barclays revamps IntroTrack service

Barclays has updated its IntroTrack service to ensure any broker submitting Woolwich mortgage applications automatically gets signed-up for the service, allowing them to receive email updates at each of the six key stages.

Brokers will receive automatic emails at the following stages of the mortgage application process:

  • Application received
  • Credit score completed 
  • Valuation survey received    
  • Offer sent to customer     
  • Mortgage case completed  
  • Mortgage case not proceeding – the broker will receive an audit trail of progress at critical points of the process.  

David Finlay, Barclays intermediary business director, says: “We know brokers are so busy juggling existing mortgage applications on different systems in the industry.  Our pro-active stance in ensuring they are automatically registered to receive these email updates means that no broker will miss out through not doing it themselves.  This will make a huge difference to brokers in terms of their time, as we know from their feedback that they wanted better updates about their clients application process.

“It is vital that brokers are not waiting around for information, therefore the systems are designed with that in mind to offer a real-time update via email or at the touch of a button whenever they require it.  This will really put them on the front-foot with their clients to deliver excellent service.”