72% of would-be buyers are against shared equity

Research from Halifax shows that 72% of would-be house buyers would not consider a shared equity or shared ownership scheme.

Of those who said they were against, not wanting to rely on someone else to help them into their home was cited as the reason for the majority at 26%.

In second place 19% of respondents thought that it was too expensive to have a mortgage and rent.

And in third, a further 15% didn’t want to live in areas where the properties were on offer.

Just 6% argued that it was because of any stigma attached with the schemes.

Stephen Noakes, commercial director for mortgages at Halifax, says: “Affordable housing provides a great leg-up onto the property ladder and shouldn’t be overlooked. 

“For those who think they are priced out of the market we would encourage them to consider an affordable housing scheme.”