72% of brokers feel lenders are not listening

Some 72% of intermediaries claim that lenders do not have a good understanding of their needs and issues.

Charterhouse Research shows intermediaries believe their voice is going unheard and their needs unmet by lenders.

Julie Irwin, director at Charterhouse Research, says “In simplistic terms, intermediaries are feeling very much unloved. For many, their perception is that they are fighting a losing battle and are being squeezed out.”

The research shows only 1% claim that lenders had an excellent understanding of brokers.

And the area where intermediaries feel they require lenders to demonstrate a greater understanding of their needs, and those of their clients, is underwriting.

Brokers would also like lenders to demonstrate a better understanding around access to key decision makers, flexibility of products, underwriting and dual-pricing.

Irwin, says: “This research clearly shows that intermediaries believe that their needs and issues are going unnoticed by mortgage lenders. From our experience, those lenders that do listen demonstrate above average performance. It is therefore in everyone’s interests – lenders, intermediaries and their clients – if lenders begin to understand the needs and issues of intermediaries far better.”