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Ex-Bank deputy: less banker bashing and more growth

Former Bank of England deputy governor Sir John Gieve has argued regulators should focus less on attacking banks over bonuses and concentrate on encouraging an economic recovery.

The Daily Telegraph reports that while Gieve gave moral support for the crackdown on banks, the “softer policy options” of the US were doing more for re-introducing growth than the UK’s strict oversight of the banks.

Speaking at Fathom Consulting’s Monetary Policy Forum event yesterday, Gieve said: “Pressure on liquidity and capital, plus continued debate on what is an allowable banking model, is pushing them to deleverage more than they might be forced to anyway.

“I think this is an area where the US managed, by being rather over generous on any objective basis, to get their banks out of crisis mode and back into lending mode more than we have.

He added: “I would be seeing if there were things we could do… that would be more effective than denouncing them for continuing to pay dividends and bonuses, which is a perfectly valid point but in macroeconomics the job is to get the aggregates to move.”


SVR hikes will cost borrowers £300m, says Which?

Mortgage borrowers face paying an extra £300m a year as a result of lenders’ SVR hikes, says Which?. Last week Halifax, The Co-operative Bank, and Clydesdale and Yorkshire banks all increased their SVRs, with Which? estimating it will cost consumers an additional £300m in mortgage repayments over the next year. Co-operative Bank raised its SVR […]


Shadow MPC – May

We have reached a delicate point in the long road to recovery, with recent activity in the housing market a good sign. But the situation could easily change and the focus has moved from rates to interpreting data and prospects for the economy

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Mothers missing out on millions

New HMRC figures show number of ‘mothers missing out on millions’ in pension rights has doubled in two years – Steve Webb Figures published on 24th March by HM Revenue & Customs show a doubling in the number of mothers missing out unnecessarily on vital pension rights because of a change in the rules on Child […]


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