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MS TV: Abbey rules out ditching brokers

Adrian Whittaker, key accounts director at Abbey for Intermediaries, has put paid to rumours that the lender will phase out its distribution through brokers in favour of going direct-only.

In an interview with Mortgage Strategy TV Whittaker tackles concerns that with a growing mortgage market share and a branch network boosted by parent company Santander’s acquisitions of Alliance & Leicester and Bradford & Bingley, Abbey for Intermediaries would be no more.

He also addresses broker criticism that requests for information from the lender are inconsistent, and talks about what Abbey is doing in practical terms to improve service levels.



Talks to save Home of Choice give ARs hope

As Mortgage Strategy went to press the directors of Home of Choice were in eleventh hour talks with a plc to rescue the network. The news will bring hope to hundreds of appointed representatives who risk losing their businesses should the deal collapse. The network was believed to have been close to securing a deal […]


Follow Obama and tweet your services

It’s a phenomenon that has established itself in the world of social media. With 106 million users and adding 300,000 a day, Twitter’s popularity as a social networking site is set to continue for a long time yet. US President Barack Obama used it to help him get elected. Celebrities use it to enhance their […]


Recovery threatens to bring bigger bills

With the economic environment holding interest rates down, home owners have been making the most of low variable rates on their mortgages.But what happens if the green shoots reported by the government turn into a full-fledged recovery and interest rates begin to rise? Many people have made the most of the downturn and reviewed their […]


Taking a long-term view of the elderly

The trend for people to live longer has been growing for the last couple of centuries. Better standards of living, nutrition and healthcare have combined to improve the expectation of living a longer life. A long-term view helps us to put the impact of annual gradual improvements into perspective. To illustrate the dramatic change, at […]

Can UK companies satisfy global appetites?

By Mark Martin, Manager of Neptune UK Mid Cap Fund

Rapid economic and income growth is leading to a dramatic shift in diet towards protein products right around the globe. UK companies such as Genus, the world’s largest livestock breeder, are benefiting from this increasing demand. Mark Martin, manager of the Neptune UK Mid Cap Fund, discusses this investment theme.


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  • Joe Adamson 6th May 2010 at 6:40 pm

    The fact that Abbey can dual price and still receive 80% of their business from brokers is a testament to the fact that they clearly do not dual price particularly strongly!

    There is plenty that is wrong with Abbey, especially when you need to get hold of a decisionmaker to make amendments etc, but lets not get carried away. As brokers we are hardly overburdened with lenders supporting us so we should welcome the fact that Abbey and Santander have committed to the intermediary market and have consistently been offering market leading products to us.


  • Anonymous 5th May 2010 at 4:38 pm

    I want Abbey for intermediaries to finish yesterday

  • Remi Keeble 5th May 2010 at 3:40 pm

    I expect, (and hope!), there will be a series of rather sarcastic but non-the-less funny comments regarding this story.

    I for one would feel that if Abbey had come out of the intermediary mortgage market, managing my customer’s expectations would be easier and more positive!

    However, that said, the market would be a poorer place without Abbey as they consistently offer very competitive products despite the constantly changing carousel of criteria.

    Overall, this is a reassuring article because, had Abbey really gone to town with the direct option, it would have potentially put a big dent in my business.

  • John Tidswell 5th May 2010 at 3:33 pm

    I was going to say I have not heard so much waffle, I have been in the intermediary market for 15 years and during the whole of that time the Abbey have never got it right with processing and I don’t see that ever improving. It gauls me that they receive 80% of their business from brokers yet they still see fit to operate duel pricing. That coupled with terrible service adds up to me only using them when there is no other lender available.