Linx FS launches consumer finance platform

Linx FS has launched a free online consumer platform that allows clients to keep track of their financial products while providing advisers with additional income.

Consumers can use the platform, called Shoebox, to manage their financial information relating to things like credit cards, pensions, insurance, savings, shares, and mortgages with relevant paperwork and contact details stored securely online.

Alerts can be set to remind clients of important dates and product deals, and clients can also use the system to compare products and monitor the value of investments.

By referring their client to Shoebox advisers can earn an income from any product bought direct from the platform, with income continuing into retirement.

Shoebox offers brokers access to over 30 financial products such as bonds and child savings accounts.

Phil Jay, director at Linx FS, says: “A challenging marketplace has made it evident that brokers need to look even further afield in order to realise the full potential of their new and existing client base.

“Linx FS has been set up for brokers who realise the importance of exploring every sales opportunity to enhance their worth to their clients and ensure that all additional revenue streams are fully utilised.”