LeadPoint launches revamped lead platform

LeadPoint has redesigned its lead platform which aims to help advisers manage the leads they have bought and track their performance.

The new homepage will give brokers an overall snapshot of their current lead generation campaigns, and includes a chart showing lead volumes and spend over the last seven days.

It also features current live orders, account balance information, a feedback summary and details on the number of leads received that day.

The system will also include performance data such as conversion rates and the average cost per interested customer.

Justin Rees, director of marketing and partnerships at LeadPoint UK,says: “We are excited to announce the launch of the latest versions of our lead platform which will give lead buyers even more control over their lead generation campaigns.

“One of the biggest challenges facing lead buyers is the ability to measure the effectiveness of buying leads and track lead performance from contact rates to conversion rates and we now have a range of reports that can do that.”