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Buy-to-let deals on the rise

The number of buy-to-let mortgages has grown 70% since the market’s lowest point in September 2009, show figures from Moneyfacts.

In September some 95% of all buy-to-let deals available at the peak of the market in August 2007 were withdrawn.

But according to Moneyfacts the number of buy-to-let products available as at May 19 reached 304, an increase of 125 products over the last eight months.

Rates at higher LTVs also seem to be improving with products at up to 80% LTV accounting for 4.24% of buy-to-let deals in May, compared to just 1.4% in September.

The average two-year fixed rate deal has dropped to 5.66% from the 5.96% rate in September, with the average two-year tracker at 4.49% from 4.59% over the same period.

A spokesman for Moneyfacts says: “This is encouraging news for investors, especially those who were locked out of the market as the maximum available LTVs fell.

“Competition has returned to the market as lenders make cuts to their new borrowing rates.

“Saffron and Melton Mowbray Building Societies have returned to the market during the past month, while new lender Bank of China continues to successfully find its niche. Both are signs that this market is starting to become a more viable and safer option for lenders.”




New government, new marketplace

Most would agree that confidence is key to an improvement in the housing sector. Depending on who you talk to you get differing impressions of where we are on the confidence scale. For every firm that tells you volumes are on the up there is another experiencing a slow period, not least because potential borrowers […]

Interest-only jitters as Lloyds tightens policy

Lloyds Banking Group’s decision to revise the terms of its interest-only deals has sparked concern about the future of interest-only mortgages. The lender has announced that borrowing over £500,000 will only be available on a repayment basis as part of a strategic review of its interest-only products. Lloyds group has also decided that interest-only borrowers […]


Countrywide applications dropped in April, wiping out March advance

Mortgage applications at Country-wide fell 18% in April, largely cancelling out gains seen in March when applications rose 20%. Countrywide says the slowdown in applications was typical for April, and blames public holidays and school breaks for the drop. The group says this was made worse by travel disruption and the lead-up to the general […]


Pension over-taxing

800,000 people are at risk of being over-taxed on their pensions, writes Steve Webb, director of policy at Royal London Hundreds of thousands of people receiving company and personal pensions should check their tax code to make sure that they are not being over-taxed, according to a leading pensions firm. Mutual insurer Royal London has […]


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