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ASA bans fifth SpicerHaart ad

The Advertising Standards Authority has upheld a complaint against one of SpicerHaart Group’s Haart estate agents for making misleading claims in a regional advertisement.

Spicerhaart’s adverts have been banned four times for being misleading, twice this year, with two adverts banned last year.

A regional press ad for an estate agent depicted a pink heart with the words “Good Bye” written on it. Headline text stated “BREAKING UP IS HARD TO DO”. The word “HARD” had been crossed out and replaced with the word “easy”. Text continued “Switch to haart without penalty”.

Smaller text stated “If your current estate agent isn’t delivering, and you decide to leave them then ‘Switch’ to haart. We’ll smooth the way by settling any leaving fees or HIPs charges you might be liable for, up to £1000, until we sell your home, you withdraw your property from sale or for 9 months”.

A reader objected that the ad was misleading because it stated that the payments would only be deferred rather than absorbed by the advertisers, which they believed contradicted the claim about switching “without penalty”.

The ASA ruled that because readers would still be liable for leaving fees, which Spicer Haart was offering to pay temporarily in order to enable people to switch estate agents, but not permanently, the headline claim was contradicted by the qualifying text. It concluded that the ad was likely to mislead.


John Charcol says debt left behind was bosses’

The £3.7m in liabilities that John Charcol left behind when it went into liquidation was owed to the company’s directors, according to the brokerage. Documents filed at Companies House last week reveal that it officially entered into liquidation on April 6, at which time it had outstanding liabilities of £3,726,834. The bulk of this debt […]


Lloyds group back in the black as impairments fall

Lloyds Banking Group returned to profit in the first three months of the year, recovering from the £6.3bn loss it made in 2009. The group, which is 43% owned by taxpayers, says it has returned to profit thanks to a slowdown in its level of bad debts. Lloyds group says it has seen lower impairments […]

Japan Economic Insight

James Dowey, Chief Economist, and Paul Caruana-Galizia, Economist

The conventional wisdom is that following a roughly 50 per cent rise in the stock market in 2013 in Yen terms, the Japan trade is over and done*. So the story goes, those big gains were due to a one-off boost from quantitative easing (QE) and a depreciation of the Yen — policies that one should think of as a palliative to Japan’s economic weakness, but not a cure. Rather the cure, and by implication the necessary condition for a longer-term investment case, is deep structural reforms — a painstaking re-weaving of Japan’s economic and social fabric, no less. The story continues: this is a much tougher test than launching a blast of QE, and one that prime minister Shinzo Abe, although well intentioned and well supported by the public thus far, is likely to fail. Stick a fork in Japan, it’s done…continue reading


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  • Paul Simons 26th October 2010 at 11:47 am

    Perhaps they should sack their marketting manager. Seems they constantly get if wrong! I don’t think ‘all news is good news’ as per a previous comment unless you’re not being slated. Estate Agents have had and continue to have a bad name regarding their ethics. Spicerhaart do nothing to help resolve this bad image. Their fines should be significant and escalating. There should also be sanctions on them to have to get adverts pre approved by ASA before being published.

  • Andrew Rowe 5th May 2010 at 1:49 pm

    Once again ASA have banned another advert. Are Spicerhaart being fined enough to detour them from doing it again. I doubt it

  • Geoff Laird 5th May 2010 at 10:47 am

    Typical , speaks volumes for the type of agency and its management Caveat Emptor

  • Martin Tapper 5th May 2010 at 10:44 am

    On the basis that all news is good news, Spicer Hart must be saying thanks for the extra publicity!

  • Edward Harris 5th May 2010 at 10:08 am

    Once or twice might be down to bad luck, but with 5 ads being banned, surely this company goes beyond what is acceptable. Are they really that arrogant/incompetent ?