Void periods on private rental properties in decline

Landlords reporting vacant periods in their private-residential properties have fallen to their lowest level in over a year, according to research from the National Landlords Association.

The percentage of landlords noting void periods over the last three months fell 13 per cent year-on-year to 33 per cent.

Lowest has the lowest concentration of properties remaining empty between tenancies as only 20 per cent of landlords have experienced void periods over the last three months.

The highest proportional concentration is in the North East of England where 54 per cent of landlords experienced empty periods over the same time frame.

NLA chairman David Salusbury says: “It is in every landlords’ business interest to maintain good, long lasting tenancies and avoid voids. At a time when demand far outstrips supply, it is imperative that empty properties are filled quickly, following any necessary maintenance and improvements.

“The private-rented sector affords tenants flexibility, so as tenants’ circumstances change, there are occasions when a property might be empty.

“Our results also show that there is no one property market, with voids representing more of a problem in the North than in the South, where demand is far higher.”