HML launching origination service to aid lenders on MMR

HML is launching a origination service in order to aid lenders with the transition to the Mortgage Market Review ruling on non-advised sales.

The origination service will be mounted on the firm’s iConnect platform and is scheduled for launch towards the end of 2013. The service will provide clients with up to four scaleable, MMR compliant, integrated customer distribution channels online.

The FSA effectively banned non-advised sales as part of the final publication of the MMR in October. From April 2014, sales will have to be classed as advised if the lender has “steered” a customer towards a product.

HML strategic sales director Richard Hennah says: “ We have grown our capability to provide origination services for anybody who want to lend money into the market.

“Being able to outsource gives lenders a lot of control and direct contact with their customers which they lose if they go down the intermediary or web route. It is incredibly cost effective as well.

“HML is well advanced in the process of obtaining the relevant advice permission from the FSA. We would eventually be able to provide the whole advised part, from product discovery to agreements in principle, and then give the lender the completed application forms.”

The service will cover each step of a mortgage application, covering product information, the agreement in principle, advice, servicing and credit management.

The service works on a per applicant basis, so clients pay for what they need with no capital investment and no fixed overheads.

HML also announced last week that it had signed a new five-year deal servicing Kensington’s mortgage portfolios.