Coventry Building Society introduces vScreen to broker operations

Coventry Building Society has confirmed it will introduce Vizolution’s screen sharing technology vScreen to the operations of its intermediary team.

The UK’s third largest building society says the results of a pilot scheme using vScreen were extremely positive and the screen sharing technology will now be implemented to improve intermediary communication

Coventry Building Society head of intermediaries Kevin Purvey says: “vScreen helps our telephone business development managers to explain complex issues, such as underwriting criteria and required documentation. The use of graphics and other presentation materials made the conversation between our business development managers and intermediaries more engaging and achieved better results.

Vizolution was launched by former Trigold chief executive Bill Safran in January. VScreen is the first product launched by the firm.

Vizolution chief executive Bill Safran says: “Using visuals provided a much better experience for the intermediary and was a positive way for Coventry to differentiate itself from other providers. In these days of increased competition, it is important for forward thinking businesses such as Coventry to focus on the needs of their customers and to provide them with the best service possible.