CIExpert upgrades to allow comparison with historic CI products

CIExpert is upgrading its online database for advisers in order to allow existing plans to be compared with historical policies.

Affiliate members can compare current plans with a range of plans which are no longer available to new applicants.

CIExpert says this upgrade will ensure superior historic plans are not inadvertently replaced and produces a valuable audit trail document, which shows compliance and backs up the advisers decision.

A second system upgrade allows advisers to input a precise sum. Previously results would have been provided based on a £100,000 sum assured but now partial payment conditions and children’s cover are not allowed to overstate their worth.

Plan Money tenet member Peter Chadborn says: ”We have been using CIExpert for some time and it has proven to be an invaluable tool. This additional functionality covers an area that is extremely time consuming and complex and so is a very welcome addition to ensuring our CI research is accurate and thorough.”