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Welsh landlords facing compulsory accreditation

Welsh landlords and letting agents are facing compulsory accreditation under devolved government proposals.

The Welsh assembly is consulting until August 17 on proposals to regulate the sector under its Homes for Wales White Paper.

The consultation proposes: “Legislation for a national, mandatory, registration and accreditation scheme for private landlords, lettings and management agents based on agreed Codes of Practice, and ensure every tenant has a written tenancy agreement.”

The assembly is expected to push through reforms within 12 months with an implementation deadline of two years for letting agents and landlords.

Ian Potter, operations director at teh Association of Residential Letting Agents, says: “We would be supportive of the changes in principle but right now we do not have the full details of the plans.

“We have asked successive Westminster governments to do something similar so it will be interesting to see what happens.

“It is positive to see the private rented sector featuring prominently in a housing strategy as opposed to it being tucked away in the margins, which is usually the case.”


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