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Shapps accused of misusing housing data

Shadow housing minister Jack Dromey has accused housing minister Grant Shapps of a “consistent misrepresentation and misuse” of official housing and homelessness data.

Dromey has lodged a complaint with the UK Statistics Authority against Shapps, claiming his “casual attitude” to facts and figures is confusing the public and obstructing public debate.

In his letter to the UK Statistics Authority, he lists six examples of occasions were he alleges Shapps has misused data.

One such example is regarding a claim Shapps made in May about the number of affordable homes built between May 1997 and May 2010.

Shapps claimed only 270,000 affordable homes were built during this period, but Dromey says the actual figure is close to 500,000.

He has called for the UK Statistics Authority to carry out a formal assessment  of the statistics produced by the Homes and Communities Agency and the Tenant Services Authority.

However, Shapps has dismissed Dromey’s claims as an “incomprehensible rant”.

Shapps says: “Not only did his government fail to build more homes, despite the apparent good times, but they actually introduced programmes designed to destroy entire neighbourhoods

“Their housing market renewal programme bulldozed 10,000 homes, whilst only replacing 1,000. So just to be clear, no one did more to destroy our nation’s homes since the Luftwaffe bombs of World War II.”


Scotland consults on replacing tax

The Scottish government has launched a consultation which proposes replacing Stamp Duty with a more progressive tax. It would come into force from April 2015 when tax-raising powers will be given to the Scottish Executive under the Scotland Act 2012. The Stamp Duty proposals include changing the structure of the tax to a progressive system […]

MoJ issues warning to firms over complaints

The Ministry of Justice is warning claims management firms they face enforcement action if they do not deal with complaints properly. In its June newsletter to claims companies, the MoJ, which regulates the sector, says it is in the process of issuing formal warnings to the worst offenders. The newsletter defines a complaint as any […]


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  • Jim Gillespie 11th June 2012 at 12:41 pm

    The problem with all politicians today is that they are more interested in safeguarding their own political careers and point scoring off the opposition party than actually acting in the best interests of the electorate as a whole.

    I for one am sick to death of pendulum politics whereby the Tories get elected and scrap Labour policies and vice versa. It achieves nothing and it’s us, the public, who are the ultimate losers.

    Is it any wonder that the public trust in politicians of all political parties is at an all time low? Let’s face it; you can’t trust ANY of them or believe a single word they say anymore.