SMS adds Omnii system to online services

Solent Mortgage Services has added Omnii Solutions’ CHECKIT application to its online services.

CHECKIT is a service for brokers that allows them to prequalify client information and provides a full credit check for risk assessment.

Ian Balfour, chief executive officer at SMS, says: “With the addition of CHECKIT, brokers can confidently submit cases knowing that the basic checks have all been done to ensure that an application is worth pursuing.”

He adds that the service also gives lenders the confidence to deal with intermediaries in the light of compliance demands.

John Mawdsley, chief executive officer at Omnii Solutions, says: “CHECKIT saves brokers from wasting valuable time on applications that have no merit and demonstrates to lenders that modern technology provides all brokers with the kind of  sophisticated tools to ensure quality and compliance.

“Both lenders and brokers have much to gain from working through SMS’s dynamic facility, which provides all the tools for compliant and profitable business.”