Northern Rock cuts mortgage rates by up to 0.70%

Northern Rock is reducing rates across its purchase, remortgage and buy-to-let mortgage ranges by up to 0.70%.

New rates include the lender’s two-year fix available exclusively via intermediaries, which is on offer to purchase and remortgage customers at 2.89% with a £995 product fee at 70% LTV.

Meanwhile its three-year fixed rate intermediary exclusive at 70% LTV with no product fee is now available at 3.82%, and its five-year fix at 70% LTV with no product fee comes with a rate of 4.45%.

Buy-to-let rates start now from 3.25% for a two-year everyday fixed rate mortgage with a 3.5% product fee, at 60% LTV, while the two-year everyday fixed rate deal at 70% LTV is available at 3.59% with a 3.5% fee.

Finally, selected buy-to-let trackers at both 60% and 70% LTV have been reduced, with rates now starting from 2.99%.