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Lead Magpie launches sales tool for fixed-price leads

Lead Magpie has today launched a tool on its website that allows advisers to purchase leads at a fixed price.

Named Lead Shop, the service allows buyers to see the full lead details before purchase and can be accessed without registering.

Lead Magpie already offers real-time leads sold via an auction system.

Stuart Cam, managing director at Lead Magpie, says: “The Lead Shop is an exciting new development for us. For new buyers, it’s a great way to try our service with fixed price leads and no minimum commitment.

“For our existing buyers, the Lead Shop will allow them to pick and choose additional leads to complement the real-time leads they receive via text message or e-mail.”

Valère Speranza, commercial director at Lead Magpie, adds that the new service has been developed as a direct result of customer feedback.


Regulator should admit it just wants to get rid of brokers

Reading about the regulator’s claims that brokers are using buy-to-let deals to get mortgages for self-cert clients I realised that the FSA has had an agenda for many years to wipe out the intermediary community. This is not hidden or disguised. The regulator is close to achieving its goal with fines, slurs and licence withdrawals […]

FirstBuy is waste of money to keep house prices high

The government’s FirstBuy scheme, launched last week with 100 builders, has left me frustrated. The government is wasting taxpayer money to keep house prices artificially inflated so builders can achieve bigger profits. Why not leave market forces to let prices fall to affordable levels? Shared equity properties are dangerous for first-time buyers. They are five […]

FSA must justify its self-cert slurs or take them back

On reading that the FSA claims brokers are using buy-to-let for self-cert clients I was left wondering if this is the silly season. We are suffering from a spate of intermediary-bashing, with fraud firmly in the spotlight. Where does the FSA get all this information that it is using to darken our image? It is […]


Employer iPMI responsibilities could continue to escalate, says Jelf

New laws in Dubai will put the burden of providing international private medical insurance (iPMI) firmly on the shoulders of the employer in order to maintain the country’s leading healthcare facilities. With 10,000 UK nationals having moved to the country since 2007 and only 16.5 per cent of the total 8.2 million people living there being Emiratis, Jelf Employee Benefits believes this move was inevitable and employer responsibilities could continue to escalate in future.


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  • Stuart Cam 4th August 2011 at 8:28 pm

    I am one of the co-founders of Lead Magpie. I would like to have the opportunity to address a few points raised here.

    If a lead is junk then we refund the cost of the lead. Our definition of a junk includes those leads where the information provided does not match reality. The £10 administration charge is optional and is used only in circumstances where we believe a buyer is abusing our terms of service. We have been told many times by our buyers that our invalid lead policy is fair.

    The terms and conditions clearly state that we are unable to refund text message charges.

    In terms of the lead shop we are compliant in that the end-customer has been notified that they will be contacted by a qualified advisor at a later date, but that in the meantime we are handling their enquiry.

    The fact that the leads are not real-time is reflected in the price, which diminishes as it ages. This is suitable for some advisors, not for others.

    If you want real-time leads simply setup a campaign.

    We are always keen to hear feedback from our customers, so I thank you both for leaving your comments.

  • Valere Speranza 4th August 2011 at 6:22 pm

    To answer the comments above, our invalid lead refund policy is probably the fairest on the market. We reserve the right to charge buyers £10 in the case where they report a genuinely valid lead as invalid. The process has to be fair both ways to work.
    Regarding the compliance issue, we are fully FSA compliant for the leadshop leads as the leads agree to be contacted by an adviser before they go ahead, and they are emailed with the details of the adviser as soon as the lead is bought on the leadshop.

  • Simon Baker 13th July 2011 at 3:15 pm

    The problem with this model is the leads have aged and you have no chance of following them up quickly so the client is likely to have gone elsewhere. Also my understanding is that unlike with real-time leads there is no express consent to contact provided so I believe there are compliance issues.

  • Sean 27th June 2011 at 4:30 pm

    Bought a lead just to dip the toe, and it was a dud! It was a student. Went for refund told me if incorrect would have to pay £10 for privelage, should have also refunded the 10p for the text but didn’t. No other site I use has a chargeback system if declined for refund.

  • Shane 27th June 2011 at 4:29 pm

    Bought a lead just to dip the toe, and it was a dud! It was a student. Went for refund told me if incorrect would have to pay £10 for privelage, should have also refunded the 10p for the text but didn’t. No other site I use has a chargeback system if declined for refund.