Intercounty raises £4,000 for Shelter

Intercounty has raised £4,000 for homeless charity Shelter after 10 members of staff slept rough for 24 hours.

Employees of the estate agency firm spent the night outside three of its offices in the Bishop’s Stortford area on June 11 in order to kick start Intercounty’s drive to raise a total of £20,000 for Shelter.

After their experience, the team said they would no longer feel scared or intimated by people sleeping rough, and would do it again to support the homeless.

Greg Young, managing director at Intercounty, says among the things he found most shocking about sleeping rough were how slowly time seemed to pass and the reactions of others.

He says: “I got a real sense of how it must feel to sleep rough for a long time, as even after a 24 hour period I really noticed the way in which some people reacted to us.

“Some were scared, while others I felt looked down on me. I really got a sense of how this could impact negatively on my self-esteem in the long term.”