FSA cancels two brokers’ permissions over unpaid fees

The Financial Services Authority has cancelled the permission of Select Mortgage Services (Bracknell).

The FSA says Select has failed to pay fees and levies of £1,675.52 owed to the FSA, despite repeated requests to do so.

In its final notice to Select, the FSA, says: “This failing, which is significant in the context of Select’s suitability, leads the FSA to conclude that Select is not conducting its business soundly and prudently and in compliance with proper standards and that Select is not a fit and proper person, and that it is therefore failing to satisfy the Threshold Conditions in relation to the regulated activities for which Select had a Part IV permission.”

The regulator has also cancelled the permission of Kevin Jonathan Dalglish trading as Dulwich Insurance Services.

Dalglish failed to pay fees and levies of £1,280.33 owed to the regulator. He has also had his Part IV permission cancelled.