Battle for London begins

Coalitions are all the rage at the moment with Countrywide and Mortgage Advice Bureau seemingly inspired by the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats by teaming up to service high-net worth clients.

The joint venture, Capital Private Finance, has been the talk of the industry this week as rivals try to assess its impact.

The partnership will surely aim to be as strong as the coalition government and look to survive any future problems but, just like the government, it has rivals in the high-net worth sector such as and First Action Finance.

There is also Coreco, an appointed representative of MAB, that may be feeling as left out as Labour in the coalition talks right now.

Nonetheless it will seek to provide a stellar opposition to CPF and will go toe to toe with its network and investor.

Indeed the London-brokerage has mocked up a black and white picture of heavy hitters Nigel Stockton, financial services director at Countrywide, and Peter Brodnicki, chief executive of MAB.

Montlake claims there’s nothing threatening about the picture and rather than the Godfather it’s actually a homage to footballer Carlos Tevez’s welcome at Manchester City when he controversially transferred over from Manchester United in 2009.

“It’s nice to see some genuine competition in the capital,” Andrew Montlake, communications director at Coreco told Mortgage Strategy.

Let’s just hope that Stockton doesn’t find a horse’s head in his bed from Montlake any time soon!