Abbey launches seven-day deals from 1.99%

Abbey for Intermediaries has launched two mortgage products with rates starting from 1.99% for a limited period of one week only.

The Key Account exclusives consist of a two-year tracker at 1.99% (Bank of England base rate +1.49%) available up to 70% LTV, and a two-year fix at 2.89% available up to 75% LTV.

The products are available to both homebuyers and remortgagers and applications must be submitted by close of business on June 16.

They have a maximum loan size of £1m and a £995 fee. 

Abbey has also launched a number of other products, including a two-year tracker with a rate of 2.99% and no fee, available up to 70% LTV to remortgagers.

The lender is also introducing a two-year fix with a rate of 3.09% and a £995 fee, available up to 60% LTV to remortgagers with a maximum loan size of £1m, and a two-year tracker with a rate of 3.99% and a £995 fee, available up to 85% LTV to homebuyers.

In addition, Abbey has reduced rates on a number of products across its range, including a cut of 0.14% on its two-year fix at 75% LTV for remortgagers, which now has a rate of 3.25% with a 1.5% fee.

Furthermore, its two-year tracker at 70% LTV for remortgagers has been reduced by 0.10% to 2.49% with a £995 fee.

Adrian Whittaker, Key Accounts director at Abbey for Intermediaries, says: “Offering fantastic rates for both homebuyers and remortgagers, we expect these market leading Key Account exclusives to go down a storm.

“Over 95% of the intermediary market will be able to take advantage of these great products but they are available for one week only so intermediaries will need to move quickly to secure them for their clients.”