Barclays gives brokers direct access to underwriters

Barclays is giving brokers access to a named underwriter for each mortgage application they submit to the lender.

From Monday, brokers will be called by a Barclays underwriter after submitting each case to discuss the application.

Brokers will also be given the underwriter’s direct number so they can contact them if they wish to discuss the case further.

David Finlay, intermediary managing director at Barclays, says: “We are committed to further enhancing our relationship with brokers which has been on our agenda for a number of years, and giving brokers named contact points makes the application process smoother and quicker. 

“We have listened to brokers about further enhancements and today’s announcement ensures they have access to the person who will make the important lending decisions. We believe this will give them clarity in seconds, and will deliver excellent service to the broker and their clients as well.”