Average FTB age is 30, say Clydesdale and Yorkshire

The average age of a first-time buyer taking out a mortgage with Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks is 30, the lenders have revealed.

Research by the banks shows that 33% of their first-time buyers are aged under 25, and a further 32% are aged between 26 and 30.

Some 16% are aged between 31 and 35, while 9% are aged between 36 and 40, and 11% are over 40.

The average house price for first-time buyers under 25 is £104,021, compared to £240,709 for those aged 31 to 35, and £214,892 for those over 40.

Steve Reid, retail director at Clydesdale Bank, says: “We remain committed to supporting first-time buyers and have a range of competitive products to help them throughout the process.”