David Johnson: Exciting times ahead for secured loans


If we reflect back over the last 16 months, the secured lending market has been through an evolutionary journey with fast moving times ahead.

The industry has gained real traction with brokers and clients alike viewing a secured loan as a genuine alternative to remortgaging.

Enabling the client to keep an attractive first mortgage in place whilst being able to raise additional capital is proving to be a viable solution.

And the secured loans market at the moment is buoyant, with healthy competition and a number of new entrants, which is positive news and provides more choice for the client.

At the moment we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of secured loans that we are writing compared to last year and we see no let up.

Since October 2011 we’ve been the market leader in the secured loans market – but we never rest on our laurels and are determined to drive the market forwards.

As a highly capitalised lender we are geared for growth throughout 2013 and beyond with substantial liquidity to fund future clients.

Our plans are both innovative and will help grow the market we believe in.

We have already exceeded our own expectations on the volumes of business written, resulting in a strong client base of prime borrowers.

During 2013 Shawbrook will deliver new product innovations, enhanced processes and systems.

As the market grows alongside consumer confidence and levels of interest, we too will see a rise in lenders entering the market to meet this increase in demand.

Our achievements are a result of the significant investments that we have made, providing our broker partners with the tools to win business, complete new deals and grow.

But none of this would be possible without our brokers. They are at the heart of our success and they work closely with us providing invaluable feedback in line with market needs.

We’re excited about the opportunities that the market offers in 2013 and onwards and will continue to be at the forefront of the industry.