Accord Mortgages adds new 80% LTV products

The new products include a 2.84 per cent two-year fix with a £995 fee and free valuation and legal fees.

The rate on the two-year fix at 4.64 per cent up to 90 per cent LTV has been cut by 0.20 per cent, taking it to 4.44 per cent. The mortgage comes with a £995 fee, free valuation and £250 cashback.

Accord Mortgages product manager Jemma Smith says: “Following the popularity of the 80 per cent LTV products in our 10-day sale last month, we decided to launch more.

“Combined with the rate cuts to other higher LTV products, we are confident brokers and customers will respond positively to the competitive rates and this increased choice we are offering.”

Accord launched six limited issue mortgages as part of a 10-day sale in January. The lender later announced it would be extending the sale by a further six days, taking it to the end of the month.