Assurant Intermediary launches BrokerZone

Specialist general insurance provider Assurant Intermediary has launched BrokerZone, a new dedicated area on its website giving intermediaries access to a range of information and services.

Intermediaries will also be able to access Assurant Intermediary’s UPOS platform via BrokerZone, giving them the ability to get quotes on a full range of general insurance products including accident, sickness and unemployment cover, income protection, household and landlord’s cover.

Kevin Paterson, sales and marketing director at Assurant Intermediary, says: “We are committed to helping intermediaries make it easier to do business with us and so today’s launch marks the first phase in the development of BrokerZone. This is very much a live area and we’ll be looking to make constant improvements and include additional information and service based on the feedback we get from our intermediaries. This is their area of our website and we’re looking for their input to help us build an online service that helps them maximise their general insurance business.”

One immediate development to BrokerZone will be the introduction of an online training facility by the end of the first quarter of the year.

This will include an online product knowledge test with an 80% pass mark. If brokers fail first time around, each subsequent test will be completely different, ensuring they really do have to understand the product in order to pass rather than just learning the answers to the same paper.

The online training facility will also include ‘product at a glance’ sheets giving a simple overview of each line of business available from Assurant Intermediary.

Paterson adds:“Ultimately our goal is to create a zone where brokers will not only be able to access product, training and compliance information as well as our quote and buy engine, but also have a comprehensive view of their own portfolios to help them better manage their business with us.”