Some 276 households helped by Mortgage Rescue Scheme

Figures out today show the government’s £285m Mortgage Rescue Scheme has helped 276 households since it launched in January 2009.

Some 182 households accepted an offer through the scheme in Q4 2009, more than double the amount that accepted an offer between January and October.

In Q4 there were 1,294 “live” applications – where action has been taken to stop the immediate threat of repossession.

Some 15,232 households approached their local authority with mortgage difficulties in 2009, 4,310 of which were in Q4 2009.

There were also 1,785 applications specifically for the Mortgage Rescue Scheme during Q4 2009.

The scheme was launched by housing minister Margaret Beckett and is designed to help up to 6,000 households avoid repossession over the next two years.

The mortgage rescue package has two elements, it offers shared equity
for those who have experienced payment shocks and need some help in paying their mortgage.

The government also offers a “Government Mortgage to Rent
” which means the registered social landlords will buy a home for 97% of its market value. The homeowner stays in their home and pay rent to the RSL as their tenant. The rent will be 20% less than the market rate for the area.

John Healey, housing minister, says: “More than 15,000 households have received free advice from their local authority since January 2009, with over 1100 receiving tailored information, or referral to their lender or independent money adviser between October and December.

“In the last three months, over 9,000 cases facing legal action were seen by court desk advisers, of which over 7,500 had the immediate risk of losing their home lifted – meaning four out of every five struggling households advised were able to stay in their homes beyond the hearing.

“And the last resort Mortgage Rescue Scheme has helped 1200 households stop the immediate threat of repossession, with a further 544 accepting an offer from a Registered Social Landlord to sell and rent back their property so they could stay in their homes.

“A total of 276 homeowners have been helped since the scheme’s launch last year.”