Sesame adds TrigoldCrystal debt tool

Sesame network members using TrigoldCrystal’s Prospector system can now access a debt calculator which shows how clients can consolidate debts by remortgaging.

The debt consolidation calculator can be launched from Prospector’s source results screen.

Brokers have to enter the loan amount and state what portion of debt is being consolidated.

The calculator then allows brokers to enter each item of debt that the client would like to consolidate.

These factors are then applied to the mortgage source results where brokers can to see the monthly payments and potential saving for each product. 

A product summary is given at the end that includes a payment schedule for the next year, and the full term of the mortgage should the client choose to consolidate their debts or not.

TrigoldCrystal says this will help brokers show clients the potential savings over the short, medium and long-term. 

David Aylmer, marketing director at TrigoldCrystal, says: “The issue of managing debt is sadly becoming more important.

“Brokers have such a vital role to plan in helping clients understand the options that are available to them and the potential savings that can be made.

“We are pleased that another of our forward-looking network partners Sesame also recognises the opportunity for their advisers to help clients struggling with the burden of debt.

“Sesame understands that there is a real chance that many of their former clients will be experiencing some challenges with their debt and contact from their adviser may be well received.”