Oxfam launches price comparison site

Oxfam says it wants to grab a slice of the multi-million pound online price comparison industry and has launched a new website which will ring fence at least two thirds of its entire revenue for the charity.

Compare for Good was launched today by Oxfam supporter Joan Collins.

It allows customers to find the most competitive deal on a range of financial products and services, while raising funds for Oxfam. 

It is the first time a not-for-profit organisation has entered the price comparison market.

Compare for Good is powered by beatthatquote.com and offers price comparison services and advice on a range of financial products, from mortgages, insurance, loans and credit cards to gas, electricity or travel. 

Ivan Massow, managing director of Compare for Good, says: “Compare for Good is a unique way of raising money for charity on a long-term basis. I think this can be the next big thing and has the potential to raise millions of pounds for Oxfam while offering consumers the chance to find a bargain.”

The website ring fences a minimum of two thirds of its entire revenue for Oxfam with the remainder of the income being used for running and administration costs.