Mortgage Advice Bureau signs up with TAPS

The Asset Protection Strategy has signed agreements to work with Mortgage Advice Bureau and IFA firm Lansdown Place.

The recently launched company has earmarked asset protection, the process of protecting an individual or family’s wealth legally and from HM Revenue & Customs, as a growth area in the financial services.

Peter Brodnicki, chief executive at Mortgage Advice Bureau, says: “Being a mortgage broker these days is about more than advising on mortgages.

“It’s about finding ways to reignite your client base and finding markets to move into, ideally those that tie in with your existing business.

“We believe The Asset Protection Strategy is one such market and we are excited about offering it to our clients.”

Simon Harris, chief executive officer at Lansdown Place, says: “The Asset Protection Strategy is a logical addition to any IFA or wealth manager’s proposition and represents a powerful revenue channel.

“We expect it to be a significant market for us in the months and years ahead.”

Jeff Smith, commercial director at The Asset Protection Strategy, says: “We’re thrilled to have signed such well-recognised and respected brands as Lansdown Place and Mortgage Advice Bureau.

“Our proposition is proving to be of great interest in both the mortgage and IFA worlds, as it fits so well with the services offered by professional client advisers.”