Mint & IWM link up with Assurant Intermediary

Mint Financial Services and Intrinsic Wealth Management, both owned by Intrinsic Financial Services Limited, have teamed up with Assurant Intermediary giving their network of independent financial advisers access to Assurant Intermediary’s full range of general insurance products.

John Hayden, product and services director at Intrinsic Financial Services, says: “Both Mint and IWM have built strong reputations for professionalism and integrity, and so it is important that we look for business partners that share these qualities. Assurant Intermediary understands that advisers need to have complete confidence in the products and services they provide to their clients. We believe that the team at Assurant Intermediary works hard to ensure that their products are consumer centric and competitively priced, and we are delighted that Mint and IWM will be partnering with them.”

Kevin Paterson, sales and marketing director for Assurant Intermediary, says: “Our general insurance expertise combined with our experience of working exclusively with intermediaries means that we understand what advisers are looking for. We are passionate about providing both high quality products and service, and look forward to supporting IFAs who belong to the Mint and IWM networks over the coming months.”