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Leadbay offers telephone qualified remortgage leads

Brokers can now buy remortgage leads from Leadbay that have been telephone qualified before details are passed to brokers.

Leadbay phones every lead in-house to confirm that the person is looking to speak to an adviser and that they are looking to remortgage within the next three months.

Leadbay also confirms the size and source of the borrower’s deposit and gathers additional information such as the best time to call.

Each telephone qualified remortgage lead will have a minimum mortgage size of £75,000 and a maximum 80% LTV.

Leadbay launched telephone qualified leads at the end of last year with life assurance leads.

The company has now extended this service out to remortgage leads.

Jonathan Barrett, head of sales at Leadbay, says: “There has been a huge demand for telephone qualified leads ever since they were launched last year. 

“The extra checks put in place with telephone qualified leads seem to make a positive difference to the amount of leads that an adviser can convert.”


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  • AL 15th June 2010 at 9:55 pm

    leadbay, seriously, people still using them? Oviously some brokers have more money then common sense..

  • Brian Jones 8th February 2010 at 2:14 pm

    As usual a theres sting in the tale so a word of caution these are sharp operators and the leads are expensive scrutinise the leads carefully and ensure they are what you have ordered as they will find any any excuse not to reimburse you should they not be what you have paid for.