Goldsmith Williams sees rise in remortgage enquiries

Goldsmith Williams, the direct conveyancing firm, says that it has seen the number of remortgage instructions being submitted by brokers increase by nearly a third since mid January this year.

Eddie Goldsmith, senior partner at Goldsmith Williams, says although it’s too soon to say that a recent upturn in remortgage applications is a clear signal that the worst of the market slump is over, he does believe that there are good reasons to be optimistic.

He says: “Goldsmith Williams has a telephone based account management team which makes contact with several hundred brokers every week and they are reporting a definite shift in broker attitudes and optimism about the state of the market.

“In recent weeks we have seen a number of lenders launch new products and relax LTVs and there is also speculation that new lenders may enter the intermediary market in the near future. These factors, combined with an increase in remortgaging, which has traditionally been brokers’ bread and butter business, are good reasons to remain positive about the future. Let’s hope this is the start of a trend which will continue throughout the spring and summer months.”