ERSA listed on TrigoldCrystal

Financial advisers using the TrigoldCrystal Equity Release System can now direct clients to specialist legal advice through the launch of a new link to The Equity Release Solicitors’ Alliance website.

A direct link to the ERSA website will enable all the financial advisers using the TrigoldCrystal Equity Release System to offer special legal advice in their initial fact find with clients.

Claire Barker, chairman of ERSA, says: “We are delighted to be listed on the TrigoldCrystal Equity Release System. The requirement for independent legal advice in the equity release process is vital. By considering it early on in the initial fact finding exercise and having details of specialist solicitors who clients can contact, financial advisers will be able to offer a complete solution for their clients.”

David Aylmer, business development and marketing director of TrigoldCrystal, says; “The TrigoldCrystal Equity Release system offers an end-to-end sales process on a best-of-breed technology platform. The addition of ERSA to the system is yet another feature which helps financial advisors offer best advice in this market and a great service for their clients.”