Barclays brings mortgage call centres back from India to the UK

Barclays has brought all of its telephone-based mortgage services in India to the UK, Mortgage Strategy can reveal.

The lender says some brokers have experienced delays when dealing with its broker arm, Woolwich, as a result of the move and has apologised.

It is not known whether there will be any job cuts as a result of the move and the bank has failed to give the reason for its decision.

A Barclays spokeswoman says: “Last week we implemented a change to move all existing mortgage services telephony operations in India to our UK based teams. 

“We’re aware that some brokers have experienced a longer waiting time during the initial transition and for this we offer our apologies.”

The decision to bring back the telephone centres to the UK has split brokers.

Perception Finance managing director David Sheppard says he does not understand why Barclays decided to bring the centres back to the UK.

He says: “I can appreciate some people bemoan having to deal with overseas call centres but I never had any problems or bad experiences with them. There may have been the odd-occassion when frustrations arose but no different to what we see with other lenders.

“My main question would be: how can Barclays have been so obviously under-prepared for the change? Surely they have all the data, they know the call volumes they receive and going by the experiences myself and other broker have been having, they clearly are under-staffed and I cannot understand how or why.”

But Trinity Financial product manager Aaron Strutt says the move is positive.

He says: “It has often been a real challenge to get deals through and it is fair to say that communication will be easier when the team moves back to the UK. Ultimately brokers will be happier if applications get offered a bit quicker.”

Last month the bank announced it is cutting 1,700 frontline jobs from across its branch network, including cashiers, personal bankers, operational specialists and bank managers.